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Oct 26, 2012 5:30pm PDT
dodged hurricane irene, but forecasters say this time they may not be as lucky here with sandy. tourists on the ocean city boardwalk today seemed unphased by the approaching storm. but it was a darker mood among those who live here. bill purnell boarded up his bike shop. >> i'm pretty worried. on a one out of ten? i'd say i'm definitely a nine. >> we are concerned about the flooding. >> reporter: rick meehan is ocean city's mayor. what is your biggest worry about this storm? >> well, we have concerns about the intensity of the storm, what the wind levels are going to be when the storm actually gets here and we have concerns of some of the effects of the storm, mostly, i think, the possibility of flooding in some of the low-lying areas of town. >> reporter: off cape cod, coast guard planes directed fishing boats back to port. on shore, 20,000 utility workers have been put on standby to repair outages along the eastern seaboard. last year, hurricane irene caused a loss of power for more than six million households in this region; some were in the dark for weeks. ralph larossa is president
Oct 25, 2012 5:30pm PDT
's preventing anything from turning back out to sea. even irene moved up along the coast and parallel but scooted on .n out. that central atlantic block is probably going to force the iorm westward. the cold pool over the eastern united states, that's the winter storm you were referring to you. , thaake all the tropical energy, all the heat from the tropics, you combine it with winter cold, that's an explosive ingredient in the atmosphere and that's why we think this storm has so much potential. i encourage everybody to pay attention to what their local emergency management personnel tell them. >> pelley: the last major hurricane to hit the u.s. this late in the season, was wilma, sven years ago today. maat was a category three storm. it killed five people in florida that and caused more than $20 billion in damage. it's the third costliest hurricane in the u.s. after andrew and katrina. we are down to the last 12 days of campaign 2012. that mpoll out tonight suggests that mitt romney has closedly the gender gap. last month, president obama led poig women by 16 points, but rew, they're
Oct 29, 2012 4:30pm PDT
year, tropical storm irene swept two people out to sea. >> people need to learn from that and listen to us and get away from the ocean, get away from where the tidal flooding is going to happen. >> reporter: one person who was on the beach after the evacuation order was mike koen. what are you doing here? >> i came over here to check one of the complexes that i manage. i'm setting my pumps up and leaving right now. >> mason: you expect high winds, heavy rain and flooding from a hurricane, but here's what makes sandy so unusual. it's bringing snow to the appalachians. anna werner is in elkins, west virginia. >> reporter: the national weather service issued blizzard warnings for more than 14 counties across the appalachian mountains as hurricane sandy hit a blanket of cold air. west virginia's governor earl ray tomblin declared a state of emergency as the snow began to fall. >> we're getting ready for the winter snow. >> reporter: the snow shoe mountain resort was one of the first to see the snow. four inches now could grow to a possibly two feet by tomorrow. some roads are treacherous
Oct 30, 2012 5:30pm PDT
neighborhood david forest remembers how long it took to get electricity restored after hurricane irene. how is it to know you're going into a period of a week or so without power? >> i think it's better than last year, we kept thinking it was going to be everyday we'd get power. >> reporter: just next door, susan crowe says she's prepared for a number of rough days. >> you can have a somehow ere but it's a cold shower. you have no hot water. of course, you have nothing to cook with. >> reporter: down the street, we bumped into utility contractor rusty maxwell who said he was too busy to stop for long. what's involved with getting the power back on here? >> well, the power company has to go evaluation all the feeders and the power sources and go from there. >> reporter: scott, this is what those utility crews are up against: giant trees on top of power lines. these trees have to be removed before power can be restored. >> pelley: we wondered if sandy would disrupt gasoline supplies. it turns out six refineries in the northeast were affected by the storm. two of them shut down and four scaled
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)